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2013 year results summarizing:


Lovely results of our dogs and kids of 2013 year! Last year finished 2 C.I.B. International Championships, 14 Championships and 7 Junior Championships! The biggest THANK to our kids owners 


Here is full list of 2013 results:

SBIS-1 Breeder, BIS-3 Breeder

SBIS-2 couple, BIS-4 couple, JBIS-5

SBIS-2 Puppy, 3xSBIS-3 Puppies, SBIS-4 Puppy

2xSBIS-1 Babies, BIS-2 Baby, BIS-3 Baby

7xBIG-1, BIG-3, BIG-4, 2xCrufts Qualifications

25 BOB, 11 BOS, 9 BOB Juniors, 4 BOS Juniors

11xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB, 20 Winners, 37 CAC, 14 JW, VCAC, VW, BOB Veteran

9 BOB Puppies, 7 BOB Babies


Leonberger girls:

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ADRIATIC „Kale“ (owner Alberto Cotini, IT) – Italian Junior Champion, 4xBOB

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ATLANTIC „Madeira“ (co.owner Jolanta Pyragiene, LT) – Lithuanian Junior Champion, BIS Junior-5, 5xJW, 5xBOB Junior, 4xBOB, BOS, W, CAC, BOB Puppy

KNOCKANDO'S WINTHER IN SANCERRA „Amber“ – after puppies of our –A- litter became C.I.B. International Champion, BOB, W, CACIB, CAC


Whippet boys:

GLAUCIUM PERSICUM DOMINIJA „Gongas“ (co.owner Jurgita Tamuliene, LT) – C.I.B. International Champion, Belarussian and Polish Champion,BIG-4, BOB, 2xBOS, 3xW, 2xCACIB, 4xCAC, Crufts Qualification

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ASCOLI PICENO „Rubis“ (owner Andrey Dekhnich, RU) – Russian, RKF and Belarussian Champion

ABSOLIUTI IDILE B. B. KING „Porthos“ (co.owner Giedre Silgalyte, LT) – Latvian and Baltic Junior Champion, BOB, W, CAC, JCAC, SBOS Junior

ABSOLIUTI IDILE BRUNO NICOLINI „Nikki“ (owner Anna Pavlova, RU) – Russian Club Champion, Russian GRAND Champion,2xBIG-2, BIG-3, 7xBOB, 3x BOS, 3xCl W, 4xCACIB, 8xCAC

ABSOLIUTI IDILE BOB MARLEY „Lancelot“ (owner Olga Ryseva, LT) – 2xBOS, 3xW, 4xCAC

ABSOLIUTI IDILE DIAMOND OF MY BELIEF „Galahad“ (co.owner Olga Ryseva, LT) – Lithuanian and Russian Junior Champion, BOB Junior, 3xBOS Junior, BOS, 4xJW, SBIS-4 Puppy, 2xBOB Puppy

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ELPIS ROYAL „Elpis“ (owner Mia Eriksson, SE) – BIS-3 Puppy, SBIS Baby, BOB Puppy

ABSOLIUTI IDILE EOLO GORGEOUS „Eddy“ (owner Henna Lahtinen, FI) – BIG-2 Puppy show, BOB Puppy


Whippet girls:


GODETIA GRACE DOMINIJA "Sniege" (co.owner Jolanta Pyragiene, LT) – CAC

HER MAJESTY DOMINIJA "Meda" – being mom of our –E- litter (with CH Twyborn Chinese Dragon) Lithuanian Club Champion, Polish Champion, BIG-2, BOB, SBOS, Cl W, W, 2xR.CACIB, 5xCAC

ABSOLIUTI IDILE BE MY BIANCA RYAN „Lola“ (co.owner Reda Vengalyte, LT) – 4xBIG-2, 5xBOB, BOS, 6xW, 4xCACIB, 10xCAC, Crufts Qualification

ABSOLIUTI IDILE BE MY ANNIE LENOX „Anni“ (owners Nina Viskari & Paivi Kajaus, FI) - Estonian, Finnish, Lithuania, Latvian, and Baltic Champion, BOB, R.CACIB, 2xCAC

VALANTI JAG VÄNTAR VID MIN MILA „Lira“ (co-owner Olga Scuckaja, LT) – Baltic Junior Winner, SBIS-2 Puppy, SBIS-3 Puppy, BIS-2 Baby, BIS-3 Baby, 2xBOB Puppy, 5xBOB Baby

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ELECTRA BRILLIANT „Lana“ – Lithuanian Junior Champion, 3xBOB Junior, 3xJW, SBIS-3 Puppy, SBIS-1 Baby, 2xBOB Puppy, 2xBOB Baby 

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