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First of all I want to send you all my dear friends, puppy owners, following and my dogs lovers BIG HUGS and WISHES

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you ♥

And I would like to summarize the ABSOLIUTI IDILE dogs results for 2011 year :-)


This year we finished 9 Junior Championships and 10 Championships for our and our bred dogs!

The biggest THANK YOU to our whippets handler of this year Ruta Puodziunaite ♥

Here is full list of 2011 results:


Whippet boys:

GLAUCIUM PERSICUM DOMINIJA „Gongas“ – Lithuanian and Latvian Champion, 3xR.CACIB, 3xWinner, 6xCAC..

Whippet girls:

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ALESSANDRIA "Vetra" – Lithuanian Junior Champion, 4xBest Junior, 4xJunior Winner, Best Puppy..

GODETIA GRACE DOMINIJA "Sniege" – 1xBIG-3, 1xBest of Breed, 1xWinner, 3xCAC..


and our Lithuanian TOP Whippet‘2010 HER MAJESTY DOMINIJA "Meda" being mom of our exciting –B- litter (with European Winner and Multi Champion RIVARCO TELLER OF TALES) was great too – Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Baltic Champion, 2xR.CACIB, 2xBIG-2, 1xBIG-4, 3xBest of Breed, 3xWinner, 5xCAC..


Leonberger girls:

KNOCKANDO'S WINTHER IN SANCERRA „Amber“ - Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Baltic Junior Champion, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Baltic Champion, Crufts Qualified'11, 4xCACIB, 1xR.CACIB, 2xBest of Breed, 2xWinner, 4xBest Bitch-1, 6xCAC, 1xBest Junior..

KNOCKANDO'S ROYAL TOKAJI EXCLUSIVE „Tisha“ - Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Baltic Junior Champion, 1xBest of Breed, 4xBest Junior, 6xJunior Winner..


Most big wishes to our dogs breeders and to our bred puppies owners – big hugs to all of you and thank you for your love ♥!!!!

Ramune and family - team ABSOLIUTI IDILE



The second great news - results form Vilnius CACIB show:


2011-12-17 INTERNATIONAL CACIB Dog Show in Vilnius (LT)


Leonbergers judge - Rony Doedijns (Holland):

KNOCKANDO'S WINTHER IN SANCERRA "Amber" did it again :-) - she won Ex.1 and CAC in open class, Winner and CACIB!


Whippets judge - Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland):

GLAUCIUM PERSICUM Dominija "Gongas" won Ex.2 in champion class and R.CACIB!

ABSOLIUTI IDILE ALESSANDRIA "Vetra" won Ex.1 and CAC in intermediate class (her first time in intermediate class)!

And one more ring - Lithuanian Cynological Society 20th anniversary:
Lithuanian Champions championship

Multi JCH-CH HER MAJESTY Dominija "Meda" with her handler and breeder Asta Simonelyte - second in Sighthounds group!


The third great news - One girl ABSOLIUTI IDILE BE MY BIANCA RYAN "Lola" is staying at our kennel with co-owner handler Reda Vengalyte

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