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THEY ARE HERE! 🤗🐕🐾 8 healthy and fat puppies 🤗😇 2 boys & 6 girls - our litter "M"

D.O.B. 2018-07-03 Boys - 1 dark brindle and 1 white&brindle Girls - 1 dark brindle, 2 fawn and 3 white&brindle Thank so much Kristyna Cizkovska for this beautiful combination of Engel & Meta 🤗😍😘

First of all I want to share my happiness seeing so many "Absoliuti Idile" winners around all Europe, I am so proud being a breeder of them! My biggest congratulations to all of you!!!

Here are our show news:

2018-05-01 Group Show in Lahti, Finland

🌟Nemo (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JORDON) debuted in Junior class, won Ex.1, CQ and later BM-4

2018-04-29 NDS Alytus, LT

🌟ABSOLIUTI IDILE HITAMI - Ex.1 open class, CAC and "Alytus Canis cup 2018" WINNER under judge Malgorzata Supronowicz (PL)!

2018-05-12 at NDS inJärvenpää, Finland

🌟Nemo (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JORDON) won Junior class JUK1, Best Male-2, CQ and CAC! 🌟Sister Kira (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JOANA) - JUK2, Ex and CQ

I cant be more proud as breeder!!! Team 🌟ABSOLIUTI IDILE🌟 did it at "Birštonas Spring 2018"! 🤗😀🌟🌟🌟

2018-05-19 NDS Birstonas, LT

Breed and group judge Jelena Kruus, EE Veterans, breeders competition judge Joanna Adamowska, PL Couples competition judge Anne Klaas, EE BIS judge Anna Rogowska, PL

🌟BOS, W, CAC Ex.1 champion class - Engel (Absoliuti Idile Engel Spiritual) 🌟Best Puppy - Smila (Absoliuti Idile Kassandra) 🌟Ex.2 junior class - Jessica (Absoliuti Idile Jessica) 🌟CAC Ex.1 open class - Tami (Absoliuti Idile Hitami) 🌟BEST IN SHOW-2🌟, BIG-1, BOB, W, CAC champion class - Lana (Absoliuti Idile Electra Brilliant) 🌟BEST IN SHOW VETERAN-1🌟, VW veteran class - Sniege (Godetia Grace Dominija) 🌟BEST IN SHOW COUPLE-1🌟 Engel&Lana 🌟BEST IN SHOW BREEDER-1🌟 kennel ABSOLIUTI IDILE with help of fantastic team Jolanta, Sigute, Tomas & me and of course our 4legs families members!!! I feel like we won lottery!

2018-05-20 at National show "Birstonas 2018"

🌟Tami (ABSOLIUTI IDILE HITAMI) won open class Ex.1 CAC and later won Show Winner and BOS

Wonderful weekend in Hässleholm both with 2x shows and to meet all friends with their beautiful dogs. ✨Absoliuti Idile Kasper✨ (Esedra Nothing Else-Absoliuti Idile Electra Brilliant) 🌟Saturday: Sighthound club, judge Heinz Di Anschober, Kasper was 1 in puppy class 6-9 month with beautiful critique and BOS. 🌟Sunday: Nordic Dog Show, judge Maria Ullman Hierner, Kasper was 2 in puppy class 6-9 month.

🌟Absoliuti Idile Elpis Royal (Twyborn Chinese Dragon-Her Majesty Dominija) C.I.B SE UCH SE VCH DK UCH LT CH LV CH BALT JW’14 BALT W’16 He has received the whippet club's trip prize for his achievements in lure coursing, blood tracking and exhibitions.

BEST IN SHOW Winner in Turkey- Nori (Absoliuti Idile Hikari)! ☉🌟🌞 🌟2018-05-26 CAC show judge Cem Sütunç - CAC + BOB 🌟 🌟2018-05-27 CAC Show judge Ümit Özkanal - CAC + BOB + BEST IN SHOW-3!

2018-05-25 Specialty Sighthounds show "Lithuanian Sighthound club Cup 2018" 🌟Topaz (ABSOLIUTI IDILE KOLIBRIS) - BOS Puppy

2018-05-26 CACIB & Cruft‘s qualification 2019 🌟Topaz (ABSOLIUTI IDILE KOLIBRIS) - BOB Puppy 🌟Denny (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JAGUAR) - Ex.1, JW, Cruft‘s qualification 2019 & BOS Junior 🌟Engel (ABSOLIUTI IDILE ENGEL SPIRITUAL) - Ex.3 in very strong champion class 🌟Jessica (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JESSICA) - Ex.1, JW, Cruft‘s qualification 2019 & BOB Junior 🌟Tami (ABSOLIUTI IDILE HITAMI) - Ex.1, CAC and new LITHUANIAN CHAMPION!

2018-05-27 CACIB Moletai 🌟Jessica (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JESSICA) - Ex.1, JW, BOB Junior again and new LITHUANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!

2018-05-26 CACIB Ada, Serbia

🌟Absoliuti Idile UP PALERMO exc. I CAC, CACIB & BOS

2018-05-27 CACIB Subotica, Serbia 🌟Absoliuti Idile UP PALERMO exc. I CAC, CACIB & BOS -> Champion of Serbia & Grand Champion Of Serbia

26.5.2018 Vaasa group show, Finland 🌟Fi, Ee & Lv Ch Absoliuti Idile Eolo Gorgeous "Eddy" EXC1 CQ BM 3! Judge Unto Timonen

2018-06-01 at VII, VIII & X group show, Estonia 🌟BOB Puppy Shelby (Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra) under judge Gerard Cox, Ireland 🌟BIS-2 Puppy Shelby (Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra) under judge Hans Van Den Berg, Netherlands

2018-06-09 Norra Älvsborgs Kennelklubbs Nordic Dog Show at Restad Gård in Vänersborg 74 Whippets where entered🐕🐶 Thanks to the judge: mr Christophe Coppel from France 🌟 Kasper (ABSOLIUTI IDILE KASPER) - Best puppy 6-9 months 🏆🌟 🌟Elpis (CIB SE USCH SE VCH DK CH LT CH LV CH BALT JW’14 BALT W’16 ABSOLIUTI IDILE ELPIS ROYAL) - Best male with NORDIC CAC and BOS

We did it again! BEST IN SHOW KENNEL-1 with our youngsters whippets Denny, Roona, Cuba and great team Giedre and Olga! 🌟 I am so proud as breeder!!! Team 🌟ABSOLIUTI IDILE🌟 did it at my hometown Palanga Nat show! 🤗😀🌟 BIS breeder judge Grita Jonelienė, LT

2018-06-09 CAC show Palanga Whippet judge Livija Zizevske, LT 🌟Best Puppy - Topaz (Absoliuti Idile Kolibris) 🌟BOS junior - Denny (Absoliuti Idile Jaguar) 🌟CAC Ex.1 open class, Show Winner - Roona (Absoliuti Idile Hayami) 🌟Ex.2 open class - Cuba (Absoliuti Idile Hoshiko)

Leonbergers judge Viktoras Avtuško, LT 🌟VW, BOB, later BIS-3 veteran and BIG-4 - Amber (Knockando's Winther in Sancerra)

Poodles judge Grita Joneliene, LT 🌟CAC, Show Winner and BOS - Geisha (Jasenak Her Majesty)

2018-06-10 CAC show Palanga Whippet judge Svetlana Postarnakova, LT 🌟Best Puppy - Topaz (Absoliuti Idile Kolibris) 🌟Ex.2 junior class - Denny (Absoliuti Idile Jaguar) 🌟BOS Puppy - Smila (Absoliuti Idile Kassandra) 🌟Ex.2 open class - Cuba (Absoliuti Idile Hoshiko)

Leonbergers judge Igoris Zizevskis, LT 🌟VW, BOB, later BIS-5 veteran - Amber (Knockando's Winther in Sancerra)

2018-06-17 NDS Marijampole, Lithuania under judge L. Tamaseviciene, LT

⭐ BOS, W, CAC - Absoliuti Idile Hitami

2018-06-16 at Luige NDS, Estonia ⭐BOB puppy Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra under judge Maxim Nikolski, Belarus ⭐BIS-3 puppy Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra out of 25 puppies under judge Denis Dudko, Belarus

2018-06-17 at Luige NDS, Estonia

⭐BOB puppy Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra

2018-06-17 at the Whippetclubs not official show in Tånga Hed, Sweden under judge Stefan Hagstedt kennel Lawton 🌟BIS puppy Absoliuti Idile Kasper

🌟2-BM Absoliuti Idile Elpis Royal in very strong males competition

2018-06-16 at the Sighthound club, Sweden under judge Iveta Vojtekova

🌟BOS puppy Absoliuti Idile Kasper

Some handsome puppies are available!

Available females LEYAH & LYRIKA

Available males LOTUS & LEONARDO

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