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2018-10-06 NDS Siauliai, Lithuania Judge Ovesna Božena (Czech Respublic) BOS and Best Junior - Smila (Absoliuti Idile Kassandra) Show Winner and CAC - Roona (Absoliuti Idilė Hayami) Congrats girls! ❤️🎉💐🍾 Serendipio Tempranillo Dominija was Bob, thank you for photo Rita!


2018-10-06 NDS Valmiera, Latvia

Judge Mr. György Tesics

Shelby (Absoliuti Idile Kleopatra) - Ex. 1, CQ, BB3 and JCAC making her new LATVIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!🏆🏆

2018-10-07 second day NDS in Valmiera

Shelby - BB-1 and BOS!

Congratulations to owners Kristin Soosaar and Karl-Rasmus Soosaar! 🥇💐🎉


2018-10-07 IDS Antalya, Turkey Judge - Bernal Herrera Juaquin, Spain NORI (Absoliuti Idilė Hikari) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1 and new Champion of Turkey! Congratulations to owner Canay Kara! ✨🍾👏💐


🌟SBIS WHIPPET BREEDER-1🌟 SBIS BREEDER-2 🌟kennel ABSOLIUTI IDILE with help of fantastic team Giedre, Lina & Olga, (without me 😭) at RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP OF SIGHTHOUNDS - Speciality Whippet show CW at Saint-Petersburg, Russia! ABSOLIUTI IDILE team has been full of excitement and happiness, sadly I couldnt be there, team took CLUB JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP titles in males and females, SBIS WHIPPET BREEDER-1, SBIS BREEDER-2, SBIS JUNIOR-2!!! Whippet (32 dogs), SBIS Junior and breed breeder judge Mr. Arnaldo Cotugnoo, Italy SBIS breeder judge Frederic Maison, France 🌟SBIS JUNIOR-2, CLUB JCH, CLJW, BOB-3, Ex.1 - Dendy (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JAGUAR) 14 month old 🌟CLUB JCH, CLJW, BOB-4, Ex.1 - Smila (ABSOLIUTI IDILE KASSANDRA) 9 month old, first time in junior ring 🌟Ex.3 intermediate class with beautiful critique - Roona (ABSOLIUTI IDILE HAYAMI) Big thank to photographer Olga Filippova for beautiful memories ❤ 


News from INT dog show "Gospodin Velikiy Novgorod", Russia 2018-08-26 under judge Mrs. Nina Kharatishvili, president of whippet club of Russia!

🌟 Roona (ABSOLIUTI IDILE HAYAMI) - CAC, Ch RKF, CACIB, BOB and BIG-1 -> new !!!


 🌟Dendy (ABSOLIUTI IDILE JAGUAR) - Ex.2 Junior class

Congratulations girls! 😘😍🌟

2018-08-19 2xNational Dog

Shows in Obninsk, RU

🌟 Nikki (Absoliuti Idile Bruno Nicolini) 1 2хСАС, 2xВОВ, BIG-2,3 

Congratulations to owner Anna Pavlova! 

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